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4 Style Types of Fire Pits for Your Backyard

Who wouldn’t want an outdoor fire pit which will be the perfect spot for relaxation, entertainment and hanging out with their friends and family? Making your backyard a cozy and yet safe place to be, leaves you making several choices before installing a fire pit. The greatest concern when installing a fire pit in your backyard should be the safety. Before choosing a style, you should make sure that the fire pit meets all the safety measures. Even though there are various shapes and materials that can be used for your outdoor fire pit, there are 5 most popular ones from which you can choose.

1. Chiminea

The chiminea style fire pits look like a chimney and also the spelling of the words resemble each other. Chiminea fire pits have an opening at the front for getting air and on the top from where the smoke escapes, while the sides are closed. The material which is used for making chiminea fire pits is usually clay, ceramic or porcelain. The ceramic material can be painted or designed to your own liking, so you can have it custom made just for you, in several colors or designs. Chiminea fire pits are also available in metallic materials. The best part of chiminea fire pits is that the smoke would go up from the “chimney-like” part, instead of going directly in your face. Since chiminea fire pits are heavy, they are not suitable for moving around.

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2. Fire Bowl

Fire Bowl pits have the shape of a bowl, constructed by many different materials from which you can choose according to your preference. Fire Bowl pits can be constructed from bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, etc. The light design makes them portable and easy to place anywhere, while at the same time they are a pretty affordable option. A fire bowl with a grill laid on top can be the perfect fire pit choice for a large company to get together around, while at the same time radiating heat equally.


3. Paver Stones/Blocks

This type of fire pit will require plenty of space and since it is made of stones or blocks it is a rather permanent structure. Therefore, if you are planning to set a fire pit of paver stones or blocks, make sure it fits with the previous structure of the stones or blocks you have used for the pavement in your backyard. The height of the fire pit is up to you, and it can vary, being low for you to sit on the ground on a cushion or something, or higher, equal to the height of a chair. The fire pit of paver stones can have any shape; however, round or square are the most used ones.

4. Fire Pit Table

Isn’t it cool to have a fire pit in an actual table next to which you can put your drink or cook and eat a meal? For anyone who would like their fire pit higher from the ground, a fire pit table would be the best solution. A fire pit table can have round or square shape with a few chairs around it, so you and your friends can enjoy, cook and relax in the afternoons. If you cook on a fire pit table, everyone sitting around can help or watch the process while drinking their favorite beverage.

Fire pit tables are usually made of stone or metallic material. Those made of stone will be fixed wherever you built them, while the metallic ones can be portable. Fire pit tables made of stone should also match the stones or blocks you have used for patio, so they would easily fit as a part of your backyard.

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