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5 Types of Barbecue Grills for Your Back Yard

What would be more entertaining than gathering your friends and family on a Sunday afternoon, preparing a delicious barbecue meal? Everyone enjoys a meal prepared at the very comfort of their home, while having the opportunity to share it with their closest ones. That is why barbecue gatherings are so popular: you eat good food while catching up with the latest happenings of your friends. Nevertheless, before any of that can actually happen, you should make a choice of your own in picking a barbecue grill which would be the most suitable for your back yard. Before making any choice you should look through all the alternatives and choose the safest, most convenient, affordable and purposeful one. For that reason, we have selected the 5 most popular types of barbecue grills which would be suitable for your outdoors or indoors.

1. Charcoal Grill

The classic barbecue grill is the charcoal grill. It uses charcoal as fuel and gives the meat and whatever you cook on it a specific flavor that is unobtainable by any other grills. Nevertheless, if you want to get a smoky, grilled flavor of your meat, you will have to face the fact that the charcoal grill needs some time to get ready and start. You will need about 45 minutes to prepare it for cooking and afterwards clean the ashes for about 20 minutes. If you are not in a rush and have plenty of time to cook and enjoy then the charcoal barbecue would be the perfect choice for you.

2. Electric Grill

The electric grill is the easiest one to use in every indoor and outdoor setting and comes in various sizes, making it convenient for any place. It functions on electricity and you can cook your food a few minutes after you start it, once the electric plate gets heated. The electric grill is easy and fast to use, while at the same time it doesn’t require a lot of cleaning afterwards. If you want a practical grill for your backyard, balcony or kitchen, then an electric grill is the one to go for.

3.  Gas Grill

Most people have a gas grill in their backyard because of its practicality. Gas grills would fit perfectly into your backyard because of their great size, while at the same time enabling a few people to cook a meal together. Gas grills can be fueled by propane or natural gas. Most of the gas grills are originally designed to function of propane, but you can convert them to natural gas, which would be a more affordable alternative, if you have access to one.


4. Fire Pit Grill

Turning your fire pit into a grill, so all your friends and family could give a helping hand or cook something for themselves while sitting and drinking seems like an entertaining idea, right? Using firewood fire to prepare a meal is the primal and natural way of cooking which shouldn’t be neglected. The meat or vegetables that you’ll cook on a fire pit grill will have an amazing taste and smell as well.

5. Portable Grill

The portable grills are an option for people who travel or go to picnics a lot and would like their grilled meat perfectly prepared. The portable grills can either be fueled on propane or charcoal and what is mutual for all is that they are easily transported from one place to another. Whether you choose to go to your friend’s house and have barbecue there, or you decide you are bringing in the grill indoors, a portable grill is what enables that for you. The only drawback that portable grills have is their size. Since they are easy for transport they have to be light and usually small sized. So, if you are always cooking for a larger party, a portable grill would not be a convenient option.

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