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How to Design a Patio Suitable to Your Wishes and Needs?

Whenever you are creating a brand new outdoor area or renovating the old one, there are several tips and tricks that will come in handy throughout the whole process. The outdoor area has to be previously planned, in order to get the most out of it. Your patio should be both beautiful and practical, so by following the advice of professionals you can achieve the wanted results. Here are the 7 key characteristics you should pay attention to when designing and creating your patio:

1. Location

Determining the location of the patio is the first decision you should make. According to the already set landscape, which may be a pool or a neighboring house, you should choose a place where the patio will be located. Most people would build their patio as an extension of their kitchen which can be quite convenient if you have a barbecue and the kitchen will be easily accessible for you.

Nevertheless, some other locations, for instance the back of your house can also be a perfect spot for a patio which will give a sense of privacy. A patio in front of your house will be visible to passers-by and neighbors, while the one in the back can be a great place for entertainment away from the eyes of others.

2. What size should your patio be?

The size of your patio should be determined according to your house. That way it will fit perfectly and come as an extension of your home, rather than something artificially attached to it. There is not a set size for a patio that will be universal, but as we have mentioned it should be wide enough to serve its purpose. However, it shouldn’t be wider than your house, while the height should match an indoor room.

3. For what purpose will you use the patio?

Without having a clear purpose in mind you shouldn’t even think about building a patio. Your outdoor area cannot be multifunctional, so you should choose if you are planning to spend time with friends and party there or make it a private spot where you can rest and relax.

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4. Shape

The designer Moir Messervy says that he always chooses from the three basic style designs, which are:

  • Symmetrical to the house
  • Asymmetrical
  • Voluptuous curves

He also adds that to many people the asymmetrical and voluptuous curves may be more interesting and more eye-appealing, so it is not always symmetry that makes things look good.

5.Materials to build it

The materials you use for the patio have to match the house. You should also have in mind that they should be adjusted to all weather conditions.

Using a local stone would look good, but it will cost you a lot of money. Materials such as gray pavers or a black-stained concrete wouldn’t fit or look good, therefore those should be your last option for a patio. Concrete pavers are the cheapest option, but they will absorb the light and give an industrial look to your patio.

6.How will the patio fit the landscape? Plan in advance!

You should plan in advance whether you are going to use some areas of your patio for plants and flowers. It is always better to reserve a spot, for example in the middle of the patio, where you can plant flowers. You should leave this area unpaved and maybe surround it with some stones. If you add spots with flowers throughout your patio, it will give it a whole different, livelier look.

7.Make space to add extras

There are a few extras which will make your outdoor space look like a little paradise. Therefore, before paving everything, consider building a fire pit made of paver stones, a water fountain and also landscape lightning. Instead of building a plain patio, these extras will give a special atmosphere to your outdoor area.


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