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The Amazing Health Benefits of a Home Spa

When you think of a hot tub or a spa, you will most likely imagine how well it would fit into your backyard, right? It would be a great place for entertaining yourself and your guests, and enjoy the hot water while it is raining or even snowing outside. A hot tub at the very comfort of your home will provide you the same relaxation and entertainment moments, except for the temperature difference inside and outside the spa in winter. We will definitely agree that owning a hot tub will bring a lot of fun and relaxing times, however, there are many other health benefits of a home spa that you didn’t know about. Once you get familiar with the health benefits a hot tub offers, you will not think moneywise while choosing a certain type of a spa, but health wise.

Soaking in a hot tub in the very comfort of your home or backyard, will protect you or improve the following health conditions:

1. Stress

Stress is the number one issue most of us face, managing our everyday obligations. Even though at times, people are not even aware, stress takes part of everyone’s life and can lead to some serious disease. Spending just 20 minutes in a hot tub after a stressful day, will help your body release endorphins, and you will feel good and relaxed. The unique hydrotherapy enabled by your home spa will soothe your muscles, enhance your health and help you fight any disease triggered by stress.

2. Arthritis

Any patient who has arthritis and has used a hot tub to relieve their pain would confirm that it has been one of the most pleasant experiences they’ve ever had. The warm water provides an instant relief to the aching and stiff joints and you also get a chance to make light exercises in the water. By doing this you will feel how through free movements you will be able to build muscle strength.  Soaking in a hot tub will raise your body temperature and also improve and increase your circulation which is exactly what people suffering from arthritis need, in order to ease the symptoms and stiffness in their joints.

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3. Type 2 Diabetes

Just 30 minutes in a spa will lower your blood pressure, helping any patient with type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, when being inside, one cannot immediately feel the drop in blood sugar, which may become apparent when you get out of the spa. Therefore, this should be done slowly and gradually, so you do not faint or feel dizzy.

4. Scoliosis and back pain

According to a study, published in The British Journal of Rheumatology (1994), patients who have used a home spa daily, experienced better flexibility, less back pain and less use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. The soothing massage directed right there where you have a need of, will increase circulation, in this particular case relieving the pain from the lower back area.

5. Fibromyalgia

This chronic condition which is accompanied by musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, mood changes and insomnia is eased when you add sitting an hour a day in your home spa. The heat will dilate your blood vessels and improve your circulation, and therefore ease your pain. The buoyancy of water will reduce the pressure of your weight on your joints, while the hydrotherapy will give a gentle massage to the sore muscles.

6. Cardiovascular problems

Soaking in a hot tub will increase your heart rate, while your blood pressure will stay normal. Therefore, for people with heart disease and delicate heart problems, it will give even better results than vigorous exercise, which will increase the blood pressure as well.

After a few spa indulging treatments into a hot tub, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Better Sleep due to hot water inducing the body’s natural mechanism for restful sleep.
  • Weight Loss by increasing your heart rate and circulation.
  • Overall Healing of your body.

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