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The Top 5 Garden Structures for Your Back Yard

When your garden is to be decorated, you should choose amongst the various garden structures available on the market. Nevertheless that would only be possible if you get familiar with the similarities and differences of these garden constructions. To make things easier for you, we have set aside the top 5 garden structures that would fit in your back yard.

1. Pergola

Pergolas are garden structures which were first used in ancient Egypt and afterwards in Italy during the Renaissance period. The word pergola comes from Late Latin and means “a walk of bough”. Pergola is a freestanding long and narrow construction, supported by pillars and an open rooftop, which may be covered in vines to shade the walkway. Pergolas are usually used for providing filtered shade on walkways or to any backyard areas, while at the same time not being totally enclosed from the rest of the yard.

2. Cabana (Pool House)

Unlike pergolas, which offer a view of the outdoor space, cabanas are closed and resemble a little cottage or a hut, right next to the pool. Cabanas can be used as storage places for some food or equipment, or if they are bigger can even have a kitchen, bedroom and a game room inside. Cabanas are a great alternative if you have a large back yard, so you wouldn’t go back to the house for food or a quick nap, while hanging out at the pool. Having a pool house is also convenient if it starts raining, providing you a shelter right next to the pool. All in all, cabanas will be a place for you to have a cozy meal with your friends and family on those hot summer days, while in the winter days a perfect guest house providing privacy to your guests.


3. Patio Cover

Patio covers resemble pergolas because of the similarity in their construction, both being supported by pillars. The difference between a patio cover and a pergola is that a patio cover is an extension of the house, covering the patio. The patio cover can be roofless, covered in vines or any solid material. Choosing a solid material for your patio cover will provide protection from rain or snow. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a solid material, so rain wouldn’t disturb your cozy relaxing times at the patio.


4. Trellis

Dating back to the seventeenth century Dutch gardens, trellis is mainly used for decorative purposes, giving support to climbing plants, such as: grapevines, ivy, climbing rose, etc. Trellis can be made of wood, bamboo or metal and have a framework of crossbars in various shapes. It can stand up against a wall or a fence as a decoration, or even serve as a construction to set apart and give privacy to a certain outdoor area. Depending on the type of plant some will naturally wrap around the trellis, while others will need some extra work for it. For example Clematis or Moonflower will be good alternatives for you to choose, climbing an average of 20 feet.

5. Gazebo

The round or octagonal construction, dating back to Roman and Egyptian times was also used by English homeowners to gaze upon their garden. In fact the word gazebo means “I shall gaze”, which is exactly what the purpose of gazebos is. Gazebos are usually made of wood and have a solid roof, while being partially open on the sides, making this cottage-like place secluded while at the same time bonded to the surrounding nature. Gazebo is the perfect relaxing place providing you a shade and a non-obstructive view.

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