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The Top 5 Gardening Trends For 2016

Everyone would like their gardens to be modern and eye-appealing, but only some of them keep themselves updated with the newest trends out there. In order not to be a step behind the others, we share with you the top 5 gardening trends of 2016 that you should consider and maybe change up something in the setting of your current garden.

1. Growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs

With the advance in technology nowadays and introduction of GMOs and chemicals into the real food, which are the fruits and vegetables, the organic and natural products are taken to minimum. Also, buying organic can be quite expensive, since not all people have the means to access this category of food. For that reason, we choose the alternative of growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs to be number one trend on the list. Making your garden a place where you can have homegrown food is something you should definitely consider, since it will be a cheap alternative to provide something natural for your family. Fruits, vegetables and herbs will make your garden both beautiful and practical. Therefore, considering this trend which has started recently will provide many benefits.

2. White color to produce clarity and purity

Introducing more of the color white into your garden is the second trend of 2016 that you should follow. You can do this by getting white furniture for your garden, for instance white chairs and table, or even a white sofa. However, since a sofa would require a lot of cleaning, you should try to insert something white in the other areas of your garden. Choosing white flowers, and any kind of flowers which will have a whitish tone is a clever idea in order to embrace that look of purity and clarity.


3. Innovations in lightning

Lightning always plays a big role in order to make your garden shine bright during the night. Some people wouldn’t invest that much as they would in different types of lights for their gardens. If you put the glow over a certain area, you shouldn’t invest that much, since the focus will be limited. Nowadays, there are mobile apps through which you can control the intensity of the lightning in the outdoor space. Using lights in different colors and different types is something you should consider to make your garden a truly eye-appealing place.

4. Get your granny’s advice: old-fashioned blooms

Spicing up your garden with some flowers that were a hit in your grandmother’s garden is always a good idea. Flowers, such as: foxgloves, Japanese anemones, begonias, alliums, peonies, camellias, gardenias, hostas, heavily-fragranced rambling roses and sweet peas are a trend in 2016 once again. For that purpose, you should not limit yourself only to flowers which are a hit recently, but also mix and match in order to create the perfect garden.

5. Minimalism

The motto Less Is More has been a recent trend in every single area that requires a design. The outdoors area including every single object or flower has to provide balance and not look cramped.  The focus should be on the cleanliness, and the sharp lines which will give it more character. You do not want a garden which will look like there is something missing, but rather providing a bold look so it makes a statement. Monochromatic plants will add up to the minimalistic design of your garden, and when it comes to quantity, it is up to you- you can do it according to your preference.

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