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Types of Concrete and Their Particular Uses

Each type of concrete has its own different purpose for which is suitable the most. Therefore, before making a choice and placing a concrete type somewhere it shouldn’t be fitted, you should find out something more about the certain types out there and afterwards do choose according to your needs. In order to help you choose, we have made a list of the types of concrete and the uses that you may find useful.


This type of concrete has a variety of benefits and one of the top for which it is used is because it is strong, even two and a half times stronger than regular concrete. This type of concrete is mostly used for attaching gates, railings or even chains to concrete and blocks.

Fiber Reinforced

The fiber reinforced concrete is used in order chipping, cracking and flaking to be reduced.This type of concrete contains fibers which give it its strength and resistance power. If you are doubting which concrete you should choose for your backyard patio, the fiber reinforced should be your first choice. The fiber reinforced is also used for driveways and sidewalks as well.

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The regular concrete is mostly used for general concrete work which mostly includes setting posts, building sidewalks, steps, patio, floors and more. The regular concrete will withstand pressure up to 40 MPa according to the ingredients it contains, which can vary and therefore make changes in its ability to withstand.



The lightweight concrete will be most suitable for walkways, steps and slabs, while at the same time providing more cubic feet than a regular concrete. There are several types of lightweight concrete according to the thing they originate, such as: natural volcanic materials- pumice; thermal treatment of materials which can be traw and natural clay, slate or shale; industrial by-products such as fly-ash (Lytag); processing industrial by-products such as pelletised expanded slab ( Pellite).

Gravel-Mix Fiber Reinforced

The mix is stronger than sand mix which makes it perfect for anytime you need 2-inches thickness. This type of concrete is different from traditional concrete because it lacks aggregate or pebbles and is being blended with paddle mixers unlike the big drum mixers. The gravel- mix fiber reinforced concrete mostly contains fine sands, portland cement, fibers and also chemistry which is added to extent its time.

Sand Mix

The sand mix is in fact a mix of graded sand with Portland cement, which is used whenever less than 2 inches thickness is needed. The sand mix is mostly used to fix chipped concrete surfaces and also for laying flagstone and paving bricks. It is also fit for thick beds for ceramic floor tile, filling cores in masonry block walls, chimney caps, large crack repair, etc.


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