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What is the difference between artificial and real grass?

When you have finally finished the interior of your new or renovated home, the exterior has to be decorated. The exterior is very important because if something looks good on the outside, it will leave a good first impression to anyone who visits. In addition, your yard may be one of the key features for your guests to like your home. Even if you do not want to leave an impression, why not decorate it for yourself, since it will be the first thing you’ll see when you look through your window in the morning. Wouldn’t you want an eye-appealing garden?

Many questions would arise while choosing materials and equipment for the exterior design of your home, nevertheless, we will help you get a better insight into just one aspect of it. If you are having any dilemmas concerning the type of grass for your yard, read through the pros and cons of both artificial and real grass and choose for yourself.

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Real Grass

Who would want artificial grass when you can have real one, right? Well, things aren’t as easy as you may think. Most of us would instantly want real grass, but once they confront the needs, money and time that have to be invested, people think twice and tend to be more practical. However, real grass has its advantages as well.

What are the advantages of getting real grass?

First of all, natural turf is very comfortable for sitting on it, playing and lying on it, which we all want to do during those summer days. Once you step barefoot on real grass you get this amazing feeling of being grounded and a natural coolness to your feet. It also looks well, having different shades of green color which adds to this feeling. Unless you have an allergy, you will definitely enjoy that refreshing smell of recently mowed grass.

Are you willing to face the maintenance costs and other cons?

If you have already said “yes” to real grass, here comes a reality check, and by that we mean money and bills. Do you really have the time to mow your yard every week? Are you willing to water it regularly? Would you pay extra money for fertilization or insecticide? While you should regularly mow during the summer months, also consider raking throughout fall. If you do not take care of the real grass, it wouldn’t even look good; having dead spots or it will be full of insects or get a disease. Real grass will always attract insects, so you have to fight continuously with this issue. If you or someone from your family has a pollen or grass allergy, natural turf will worsen the symptoms.

Artificial Grass

Not as environmentally friendly as real grass is, artificial grass is definitely more durable and practical for maintenance. The feeling of having “fake” grass in your yard may be easily disguised if you choose wisely and go for a high-quality type of artificial grass. Artificial grass will save you water and money, and because of it, many people consider it as a cheap solution creating no additional worries.

Installing a long term solution

If you choose artificial grass, there are companies who offer up to 10 years of guarantee, and it will probably last around 15 years. Once you buy the synthetic turf, you will not spend time on weed control or money on insecticide. Artificial grass is very easy to maintain, meaning that you will only have to clean it from dust from time to time. It is an affordable solution for all those who have insect or pollen allergies. It is also dogs and kids friendly, so your dogs won’t ruin it, neither will your kids get muddy from playing in the yard. The artificial grass will look good all year round, since it withstands any weather conditions.

Can “fake” replace the original?

Artificial grass will get warmer on those sunny days and walking on it bare feet won’t feel as good as real grass. However, you will get the similar look, with practically no maintenance costs, saving a lot of time and money.
At the end, it is up to you to decide according to your preference, having in mind the pros and cons of both. Going for the natural turf would be a good solution for those who have time on their hands, while artificial grass is an alternative for the busy ones.

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